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Mei Lenehan

b. 1996

Mei is a Graphic Design student at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her favorite things—among other things, are words and typography. She is a member of the RISD Design Guild, runs a bi-annual open format publication called YTB, writes prose, poetry, and prose poetry about moments of impossibly omniscient everyday epiphanies, has a cat named Leroy, a roommate named Anna, and a very good friend, Tim, who made this website.

Any professional and/or friendly inquiries can be sent to Mei is admittedly her best and worst self on Instagram.

Live Poem

December 2016

Beginning with an interest in the responsibility of authorship and false first-person autobiography, I wrote a collection of flash fiction stories each from a different source image—trying to understand equivalents in qualities of language and qualities of image. How the texture, shape, and construction of a piece of writing can be equivalent to the collective feeling of an image.

A project done during Fall semester Language Arts and Studies Open Seminar course instructed by Patricia Barbeito.

Exhibition Schedule Poster & Flyers & GIF & Gallery Cards

September 2016

“Type as Form” assignment for Micah Barrett’s Type III course. The goal being to design a flexible system to be used across a large scale poster, small individual flyers, and a shareable gif for RISD’s Fall & Winter exhibition schedule.

Education Today

October 2016

The Brown University main green is an outdoor common space bordered by the universities buildings. For a project centered around mapping—what I had found most important about this space is the people who occupy it—and how this is determined by structures of power that operate independent of an individual’s will. The video is a mock-introductory advertisement for the school following a day in the life of Francine— who navigates how difficult it can be to understand the systematically oppressive structures of inequality that can make life one big speed skating race for her, and a 200 lap breast stroke in an olympic sized pool of viscous honey for others.

Two Poems Book

December 2016

A photo book with pairings of images from the Library of Congress Digital Collection and two poems written Spring semester of 2016. The book was made for a Type III assignment instructed by Micah Barrett , “Type as Narrative,” concerned with pacing and storytelling in book design.

Holiday Card

December 2016

A holiday card made for friends, family, and those attending the Odds & Ends Art Book Fair.

Block Party Poster & Flyer

September 2016

Block Party is essentially a beginning of the year club fair during RISD freshman orientation—held on a block of Benefit st. Posters, flyers, digital and way-finding signs were made for the event.

Commissioned from the RISD Design Guild for RISD Center for Student Involvement.

Sorry Exene

November 2015

A video about the elasticitiy in experience of the same duration of time. “What does a minute feel like?” was the central question of the assignment.


December 2016

I love to draw.

Other work